(G)HOST is a site-specific project that consisted of the introduction of a parasitic being into the Sitterwerk Library (St. Gallen, CH). Raspberry Pi, Website and PDF template. Programming by Eurico Sá Fernandes.

By functioning as a parasite, this being set out to gather the data on the books’ locations on the shelves: data that was in turn collected by the library’s robots. While simultaneously feeding off the library’s public Wi-Fi network, the parasite presented this data through a portal on a Local Access Network (LAN) that passed itself as a fast 4G public network.
By turning static books into performative agents, this new being choreographed a display of footprints that evolve with time, highlighting the traces of their movements.
Despite effectively haunting the library and the prospect of its apparently perfect system involving books and robots, it also questioned the relationship between parasite and host.