(G)HOST (Site-specific Website, 2018)

(G)HOST is a site-specific intervention at the Sitterwerk Library (St. Gallen, CH). Raspberry Pi, Website and PDF template. Programming by Eurico Sá Fernandes.

The Sitterwerk Kunstbibliothek is composed of over 25,000 art books, editions and catalogues open to the public for reference. In place of a classical classification system however, the library has adopted a dynamic infrastructure making use of RFID technology to catalogue the collection.

In response to the specificity of this library, over the course of the three week stay I worked on creating a new component to actively take part within this infrastructure. Functioning as a parasite, the Raspberry Pi introduced in the library aimed to gather (feed) and broadcast (proliferate) specific information. Its purpose was to collect data from the catalogue's log files, and detect the shifts in the location of the books on the shelves.

Simultaneously, the parasitic being was feeding off the library’s public Wi-Fi network, using it to broadcast a daily list of the books that remained un-picked, which is to say, remained in the same place as the previous night. This data was presented through a web portal accessed via a Local Access Network (LAN) in the library that passed itself as a fast(er) 4G public network.

By turning static books into performative agents, this new being choreographed a display of footprints that evolve with time, highlighting the traces of their movements. Despite effectively haunting the library and the prospect of its ecosystem involving radios signals, books and robots, it also questioned the relationship between parasite and host.

Presented at The Opening and Closing Ceremony @ Sitterwerk.