Catwalk Instructions (2019)

18:14 / 18:18 / 18:22 / 18:26 / 18:30 / 18:34 / 18:38


Patiently wait for the ferry to dock / Let people out / Get in / Stick to the right / Stand / Don’t check your phone / Look around as much as possible / Read lipstick marks on the windows, this is your only reading material / As the ferry approaches the dock, start moving towards the exit / Stick to the left / Get out

18:20 / 18:35 / 18:50 / 19:05

Shuttle Service

Stick to the right / Walk to the pick-up station / A tall handsome driver will be waiting for you / Walk to the car and make your way to the backseat / Get in the car by bending your knees slightly and slide in with your rear / Be polite to the driver but don’t smile / Pay attention to the radio / Savour the ride / Exit the car with your knees touching, swinging your legs outwards elegantly

18:23 / 18:27 / 18:31 / 18:39 / 18:43 / 18:47


Turn left / Stick to the path / Walk towards the high-rise building / Speed up your pace / Cross the bridge / Make way through the crowd taking pictures in front of the sign / Continue walking at a brisk pace / Pass the EYE / Keep walking straight ahead / Eyes will guide you / Turn right onto the dirt path / Keep walking but don’t get your shoes dirty / Let a lost dog find your way / Walk along the newly developed apartment complexes / Pass the Europa building / At the end of the street, turn right / Walk / Pass the construction site on your right / Ignore the road on your left / Keep walking alongside the construction site / Turn left onto Asterweg / Choose the shaded side of the street / Don’t mind the arrows / Keep walking / The quiet surroundings start getting louder as you approach the venue / Fix your posture / Cross to the northern side of the street

18:44 / 18:45 / 18:48 / 18:56 / 19:00 / 19:04 / 19:15


A faded image catches your attention / Take notice of the spider web / Get closer / Fade to black / Stick to the right side of the street / Ignore the people gathering outside / Stop for a photograph / Exchange details / Turn right / Go through the gate and enter the side lane / Walk into the fenced area / Take your place in line / Wait


Doors open

Get ready to go inside / Move towards the entrance / Notice people ahead slowly making their way in / Be patient / Keep a slow, steady pace / Take a break from queuing / Ask someone to save your spot in line / Keep to the left, making way through the crowd / Turn left / Find shelter under the tent / Burn up a cigarette / Move to the back of the queue / Envy the unpolished fluorescent finger rings



Greet the security guard / Say the passcode: nobody remembers a shape shifter / Go inside / Move from ideal into dream / Spot the staff, two words at a time



Check-in and receive your credentials / Fabulous or Foul / Pace along the long corridor / Show your wrist to the member of staff at the end of the corridor


Waiting Area

Enter / Turn right / Turn right again, and keep walking along the corridor / Balance a brisk pace with contemplation / Make a slight turn to the left / Walk past the light pointing at the fence, keeping the pace / Turn left / Listen to music / Time folds onto itself / Turn right / Make your way through the maze / Find a place to rest / Turn left / Turn left into a hallway / Turn right / Cringe as the sound intensifies / Keep walking straight / Stop and turn / Turn right around the pole / Make as many laps as you want / Turn right into a longer corridor / Turn left / Turn right / Turn left again / Take a place in line / Be one in a crowd / Wait behind the strap barrier


Bathroom break

Make your way to the black door at the centre back of the hall / Show your credentials / Gain access / Go through the door / Push curtain aside / Mind your step / Turn right to the bathrooms / Pass the tiled wall / Pick Tinkerbell or Perdyta / End up famous / Find a fountain / Contemplate / Don’t take a selfie



Enter the glamour / Circulate around the space / Enjoy the effects of crowd performativity / Move towards the table draped in white stained with black blots / Read the menu / Trade your token / Compliment the server on the crab gloves / Don’t trip / Hear someone whisper “pomegranate was the first tree planted by Aphrodite” / Lick the popsicle / Cringe as the sound intensifies / Find the secret password / Log onto the Wi-Fi / Indulge / Walk around calmly and poised / Make your way to the lounge / Walk up to the decorated fence / Take a photo against the backdrop / Rotate / Find a seat / Immerse yourself in the lingering scent / Relax / Wait until you get called for seating


Staff Room

Sneak into the staff-only area / Get to the entrance of the Staff Room / Find yourself burrowed between surreal performance and highly attuned public-relations tactics / Rest / Get caught / Move back to the waiting area



Notice something suddenly appearing on the other side of the hall / Follow it at a distance / Get ready to board / A moment of suspense / Follow the boarding instructions


Seating (General Audience)

Gather with your designated group / Take a free bottle of water / Follow the group as you turn right / Take a breath under the ambient sound / Make your way behind the seats / Take your appointed seat / Mind the gum / Pick up the hand-out / Look around as much as possible


Seating (VIP)

Lift your eyes from the card / Take notice of a new group approaching and follow them with your sight / Watch as the lights dim / Carry a smile as the VIP populate the front rows



Look at the screen / Pay attention to the message from our sponsors / Save the bees / Glimpse the phantom / Get re-assembled / Don’t blink



Activate your rod cells / Focus your attention on the projection / Follow the prompts on the screen one line at a time / Enter the portal / Retrace your steps / A line-up of evanescent gestures, existing unsettlingly for an instant


Goodie Bag

Shield your eyes as the lights turn back on / Listen as the music fills the silence / Get up from your seat / Walk towards the catwalk / Look at the Bambi looking into itself / Say a few words on Givenchy / Open the bag / Go through the contents of this aid to frivolity / Swap your items as much as possible / Read this



Mingle in the space / Match your steps to the beat / Find your way to the adjacent bar / Go through the menu of volcanoes and special stones / Drink your elixir of choice / Receive a prediction / Go back to the main hall / Dance

Text formalized as model instructions doubling as credits to the works presented at 'Nobody Remembers a Shapeshifter', WT Modeshow 2019. An edited version of the text was projected onto the catwalk backdrop screen in place of the fashion show. The full version could be found inside the goodie bags distributed at the end of the show.